Odin All father diy ritual candle making kit


Odin's Wisdom: Illuminate Your Rituals with the Divine Candle, Norse Mythology, All father, Shamanism, Spiritual Connection

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Odin, the All-Father of Norse mythology, stands as a figure of unparalleled wisdom, power, and mystery. As the ruler of the Aesir gods, Odin commands respect and reverence among both gods and mortals alike.
Often depicted as a wise and aged figure with a long beard and a single eye, Odin exudes an aura of authority and foresight. His quest for knowledge knows no bounds, and he is willing to undertake great sacrifices in pursuit of wisdom and understanding.
Odin is the god of many domains, including war, poetry, magic, and wisdom. He is a master of strategy and tactics, leading the Aesir in battle against their enemies and bestowing victory upon those deemed worthy of his favour.
As the god of poetry and inspiration, Odin is credited with the creation of the Norse poetic tradition known as skaldic poetry. He is said to have sacrificed an eye at the Well of Mimir in exchange for a draught from its waters, granting him unparalleled insight and poetic inspiration.
Odin is also a master of magic, wielding powerful spells and enchantments to shape the course of destiny. He is associated with the practice of seidr, a form of Norse magic used for divination and prophecy, as well as shamanic journeying to other realms.
Despite his formidable power and wisdom, Odin is not without flaws. He is known for his cunning and sometimes duplicitous nature, willing to employ deception and trickery to achieve his goals. Yet, beneath his stern exterior lies a complex and enigmatic figure, capable of both great acts of benevolence and acts of ruthless determination.
Overall, Odin represents the archetype of the wise ruler, the seeker of knowledge, and the master of magic. His influence permeates every aspect of Norse mythology, serving as a symbol of inspiration, aspiration, and the eternal quest for enlightenment, Odin is the king of all gods he is a healer, a king of sorcery and poetry he is the god of war and death Odin sacrificed his eye in order to see everything that happens in the world. Invoke Odin to seek knowledge, protection and wisdom. 

Kit includes: 1 candle tin with lid 1 wick and wick sticker Candle soy wax flakes 1 vile of special blended herbs 1 crystal associated with the god Empty your wax into a heating pot. Heat the wax to 70c whilst stirring gently remember to have in mind why you are making this candle, think of your question that you want to ask the mighty god. Once the wax has heated to the appropriate temperature carefully remove from the heat and put to one side. Place wick sticker in the center of your tin and attach your wick firmly to the sticker please watch a tutorial on how to hold wick upright. Now that the wax has cooled slightly add a pinch of the special blended herbs to the wax while stirring gently remembering your question you want to know when you feel you have put your intent into the candle. Slowly pour the wax into the candle tin, please be careful not to burn yourself. Let your candle cool and harden completely over night. Before lighting trim wick to approx. 5mm Never pour excess wax down the drain.

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