In many cultures the dragon is a powerful symbol representing knowledge, protection, luck,
guidance and power they are known as a mythical creatures, but stories are told that they
were in fact around the same time as dinosaurs, if so, many cultures believe in dragon magic
surly there is such a thing of dinosaur magic, harnessing their power the way we do with
dragons. Dragons represent the primal energy of the four elements, a spiritual significance in
different cultures often described as flying reptiles that breath fire.
Most believe in spirit animals and working with them, so why is it a hard concept to work
with dinosaur spirits, I mean they are our ancestors after all, most people work with the
moon and sun which is a lot older than dinosaurs so surly it is possible.
I have put together my own four dinosaurs corresponding to an element that I think fits best
and their traits on how they can assist you, don't forget to meditate upon the dinosaur you
wish to contact, listen to what they have to tech you and most of all treat them with respect
just as a dragon.

Elemental dragons
Sairys air dragon
Can help assist in healing your negative thoughts into a happier state of mind, by working
the mind can help heal the heart, air dragons represent knowledge and clarity.
Fafir fire dragon
Can assist in anger, conflict and succeeding in life goals, they are fierce protectors and there
for can be used to remove barriers, this dragon can also assist in chaos magic.
Grael earth dragon
This dragon can assist you in your life purpose choices, they are very straight forward and
honest with their opinion they can offer stability when life is spinning out of control.
Naelyon water dragon
Call upon the water dragon for forgiveness they will assist you in overcoming insecurities,
they will show you self-love with their soothing influence, this dragon will not work with
over emotional people, so keep your emotions in check.
Chaos dragon
The chaos dragon will help you confront your problems, this may be uncomfortable for
some, but the root of the problem must be addressed to move forward with life, the chaos
dragon can assist in past life issues to better change our luck.

Dinosaur correspondence
Tyrannosaurus rex -earth
Call upon the T- rex to help assist you in succeeding in life choices they will show you
courage and the strength you need to over come obstacles, a t- rex never gave up on what
they wanted, use your other senses just as the t- rex did to succeed in life, protect what is
yours and the t- rex will show you guidance.
Rex in Latin means king.
Pterosaur- air
A pterosaur was the first vertebrate animal to evolve flight, they are a very close relative of
the dinosaurs, the pterosaur can help to assist in travel use your intelligence just as the
pterosaur did to take flight, they will show you true power lies within, the pterosaurs can
also assist in third sight after all they could see for miles on end.
Pterosaur means wings.
Allosaurus- fire
The allosaurus was not built for crushing bones with their teeth but learnt the art of using
there neck muscles and skull to defeat their prey, they were weaker than most dinosaurs but
new they had to stay on top of the food chain, this showed will power and creativity through
their hunting strategies, they asserted their authority through intelligence and fearless
resilience. Call upon the allosaurus, when new strategies need to be evaluated, they can
help in your creativity manner. An allosaurus can also be used in defensive magic.
The Greek meaning of allosaurus means different lizard.
Iguanodon- water
An iguanodon would not harm on sight but would protect what was theirs, they mostly lived
in the forest or coastal areas this is why I have paired with the water element , they seek
cooperation and an balance off understanding of having to rely on others to survive, seek
the iguanodon with balance is needed in your life , they will show you stubbornness will stop
you from succeeding in life choices, they will show you self-healing by learning to cooperate
with fellow peers.
The meaning of iguanodon is iguana tooth.
Like I have started this is my interpolation of the meanings and correspondence of the
There are many more dinosaur spirit animals to work with, have fun interpolating yours.