Lets talk about energy vampires, what exactly are they? What do they do and how do they have an impact on our lives.

Know when I say energy vampires, I'm not talking about a plug socket in our homes, or even the pointy fanged creatures we see on our screens, but what I am talking about is the people that steal and suck the happiness out of our lives, (let me explain)

Have you ever been in the company of someone, and their moaning and constant negativity  suddenly brings a feeling  of dread and an unhappy feeling washes over you, you may even feel  nauseous, or a sudden headache occurs out of the blue maybe even a feeling of exhaustion washes over you, well I'm sorry to tell you but the person your in contact with is sucking your happy energy force away from you, you may sit there and think I was happy before we met up and now all your feeling is doom and gloom .

Most of the time the people sitting across from us don't even realize what they're doing,

 it literally can be anyone friends family, lovers even people we pass every single day they emit there negativity onto you, to make them feel better within themselves.

Most of the time your find these so-called energy vampires creating conflict or problems that are not really there just to feed their ego leaving you feeling deflated

Know what their doing is drawing on your energy field as this is the only way they can carry on with their self-pity and self-worth they are literally taking your happiness making them feel a little better while your now feeling maybe a sense of sadness and hopelessness.

The question is though, how can we have an awareness of these people because they come in a form of many masks, most know what they are doing, which makes them very clever, usually they come across very caring and quite charming at first, but then can become moody and distance for no apparent reason, when seeing the person you may experience a sense of walking on eggshells and finding yourself agreeing with everything they say even if you don't believe it,  it's just a way of you keeping the peace so to say,  they may even become insulting to the extent you start to think maybe that theirs something wrong with you, which brings you into a state of low self-worth and a poor health situation, they know what they are doing taking your light and feeding you into darkness just as how they live,

 they wanted you,

they craved you,

they got you.

But there is good news on how to protect yourself from ones negativity, energy vampires are very real whether you believe it or not, the individuals will need constant reassurance and you will find they will never be happy with what they have.

If you are highly sensitive and a caring person you are more than likely to attract an energy vampire as they can see the happiness that resides within you.

The most important thing to remember is to listen to our self if something doesn't feel right distance yourself immediately, set your boundaries from the get-go, use your voice and say no its not acceptable behaviour and remember never let someone dim your light you are worth so much more than that.

If in the presence of an energy vampire don't say to much as your words can be twisted, which will then lead to a heated debate, this is something they want, your using your energy to get your point across, to which there feeding of.

Be your happy self, if they see they cant dim your light they will move on.

If it is family or friends try to change the subject to a more positive conversation, if you are emitting positive energy, they will feel that frequency.

Don't meet up with the person on your own take others with you as this will keep the heat of you by helping keep a light-hearted conversation.

Crystals can also be used as they hold there own energy frequency, use them for protection to stop negativity penetrating you, Onyx absorbs negative energy, Labradorite clears the mind in chaos situations, Amethyst defines boundaries and Jet protects negative energy's from others.

Essential oils can also be used on specific charkas, Hyssop and lavender cleanse negative

 Energies, Frankincense removes negative influences and peppermint is used for purification.