Hi everyone so todays topic is a little different I wanted to find some information about giants

Giants you ask? How did I produce that topic well truth is, my mind is always going a 100 miles an hour, I was having a lovely relaxing bath and all of a sudden, my brain goes into overdrive and giants pop into my mind don't ask me why, my mind moves in mysterious ways ,it just does,

anyways I finish up in the bathroom an head straight to my room where my husband was just chilling on the bed, I sit down next to him and I can see the side eye his giving me, he turns to me and asks what's on your mind, in my head I'm thinking great his asked me, now I can ask him, because as the minutes passed I was getting more excited with all the questions I had ( I no geek problems) anyways I ask him the question, Do you know anything about giants because my head is rattling around with questions, I could hear the little chuckle in the back of his throat followed by his words ( I love how your brain works you think of the most random things)  but no darling I don't know nothing about giants.

So that was me I got my books out and began my research on the myths and folklore of giants, so here goes I found out that in nearly every culture giants have played quite a big role in the making of the world, they are mostly seen as evil and cruel, but in some myth, they are friendly and neutral, and they all have in common a conflict with Gods.

 Take for example in Greek mythology a conflict erupted between the Giants and the Olympian Gods,

Gigantes were created from Gaia (MOTHER EARTH as we know her) and Uranus (GOD OF SKY)

According to Hesiod, Uranus hated his offspring (the first generation of titans) and imprisoned them inside of Gaia body, the youngest of sons Cronus made a plan with his mother Gaia to wait in ambush his father, one day while Uranus came to lye with Gaia, Cronus then castrated his father, spilling his blood onto the earth,

And the bloody drops that gushed forth received,

And as the seasons move round

She bore … the great giants.

The God Zeus and half blood Heracles killed the offspring Giants, it is said their body lay buried under the earth and each time an earthquake and volcano erupts its due to the giants torment that quivers and shakes the earth.


In Japanese mythology a Daidarabotchi known as a gigantic Yokai and is said to have built the nation of Japan, a Daidarabotchi is considered a benevolent giant with pitch black skin, rolling eyes a large tongue and exceptionally long in length, they hide within the mountains,  it is said as they were so large their footprints created lakes and ponds.

There is a legend that is told of a Daidarabotchi  that wanted to weigh mount Tsukuba's and mount Fuji to see which was heavier, but while in the process split Tsukuba's peak resulting in two separate peaks to this day.



In Norse mythology Giants are known as Jotunn which means those who devour, they are often at war with the Gods, A well-known giant named Ymir (also known as Aurgelmir) was born from the icy rivers of Elivagar, the icy realm of Niflheim and the fiery world of Muspleheim collided at the same time Ymir was born, also at the same time a cow named Audhumla emerged letting Ymir drink the milk keeping him alive, legend says Ymir gave birth to a female and male child from his armpits and his legs also produced a six headed being all known to be his children.

Ymir was known as the first living creature and to be savage and ruthless but Ymir new he had to die to create a world, Odin and his brother defeated Ymir during a battle and a world was created from his body. As we all know nothing is free, we must sacrifice to make things better, by killing Ymir the wheel of life began for mankind, Odin used his body to make the world as we know it

From his blood the ocean

From his bones the mountains

From his brains the clouds

From his skull the heavens

From his eyebrows mankind realm was created

And from his hair the forest was made.

Some would say its an event that prepares the world to be reborn.

In modern folklore giants are used interchangeable with trolls.


For my final giant I have chosen the myth on the Irish legend, Finn Mc cool as with all story's myths and legends there is always some kind of war or battle and this one is between Finn and Benandonner (Scottish giant) Benandonner wanted a claim to Ireland, Finn was so outranged with the idea he threw big boulders and rocks into the sea ,realising what he was doing he noticed it was creating a pathway within the sea so he devised a plan to cross the sea without wetting his feet to face his rival benandonner, once Finn crossed the sea he realised he had underestimated his rival, you see with all battles size dictates winners, he new he had to make a plan to beat Benandonner so headed back to Ireland.

 upon his arrival home, he told his wife to disguise himself as a baby, When Benandonner arrives to fight with Finn he notices Finns wife holding an enormous baby giant , Benndonner soon releases if this is the size of Finns child the father must be massive, so Benandonner fled back to Scotland ripping up the causeway so Finn could not follow.

Legend says Finn is not dead, but deep sleeping in a cave and his only return would be in Irelands greatest hour of need.

In Scottish myth a hill that resembles a man known as the sleeping giant, claims are made that only a specific musical instrument played near the hill will awaken the giant.



There are many more tales and legends of giants, but I couldn't possibly list them all as I'm sure it would turn into a book instead of a short blog , so the question is…. do I believe in giants well the simple answer is I have no idea some of the legends seem farfetched but then I believe in heaven and hell ghouls and monsters so why not believe that there could have been many years ago a thing of giants ,my rational mind says different though, could theses so called giants have been just regular people I mean society has a certain image, people that are slightly taller then the average person or say someone that is stronger then a person that is not use to manual labour, we are all put into different category's whether we like it or not for an example a big rock is formed in a certain way our brains come up with the idea that its un natural maybe a supernatural occurrences has took place or that a giant placed it in a certain way, our brains do work in mysterious ways, after all we have to put events into groups to try and make sense of it.

But then on a deeper spiritual level I have noticed that most of these giant story's all seem to have one thing in common the giants are sacrificed  in order to create the world we live in.

Could they just be a normal human, a hero in a story betrayed as a giant.