Ley lines often appear to be explanations of supernatural events, think of them like a
network of energy connecting all parts of the world.
A ley line is a straight track connecting cities throughout the world, creating earths energies, they usually give of a high frequency which can then be tapped into for healing purposes, when two or more lines cross each other, it is said to be a powerful point.
Some of the most known ancient sites known to have ley lines are Stonehenge, the pyramid of Giza, the great China wall, bury St Edmunds, New Orleans and so forth, major cities all around the world have been built on the same path term of earths grid.
Think of a ley line as a magnetic pull, some say when travelling to different places they can feel a different energy,
Could this be the reason why we are drawn to different parts of the world, our subconscious guiding us to where a ley line lay.
What's also quite interesting is that a ley line also aligns with the astrological constellations. One line that is very fascinating is called the saint Michaels line also known as apollo line, the name derives from the sites devoted to St Michael the Archangel.
This line criss crosses through Europe all the way through to the middle east, also with this line, it aligns with the sun on the 8th may known as the festival of St Michael.
Now the problem with ley lines is that there is no scientific evidence ley lines do in fact exist. In the 1920s a ley line was discovered by an amateur archaeologist named Alfed Watkins, he noticed that ancient sites or churches were connected by a straight line, one line that stood prominently out was the southern tip of Ireland, he realised along this straight line it connected straight to Israel.
Although Alfed connected all the dots and lines, his ideas were never excepted by the British archaeological establishment, regardless of his ideas he was rejected, but sooner or later another similar idea of a holy line was raised, which then opened up the idea of earths energy.
Hel-Lena's thought
If you do in fact live on a supposably ley line vortex, could this be the reason apparitions appear, due to so much energy travelling along the line, could this create a portal of such to the spirit realm?
Whether or not ley lines do exist I have concluded that there are too many occurrences not to take into consideration, our brains love to see patterns, and so we conjure different meanings whether this is in a scientific manner or on a spiritual level.