We have all heard of a muse at least once in our lives, but have you ever sat their and
thought, well what are they.
Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you had no idea what to do I bet most of you
have and then suddenly you know the answer or are struck with inspiration on the matter.
What if I was to tell you it could in fact be a muse whispering in your ears, could you be
tapping into a different frequency of knowledge, or for the nonbelievers could it be your
Where does the saying sleep on the situation come from, I bet many of you have gone to
bed and by the morning the solution is staring right in front of you, was you guided in your
sleep once again where did the answer come from.
In Greek mythology 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne were born from four scared
springs of helicon, legend says the winged horse Pegasus stamped his hooves on the ground
of helicon which than brought forth the four scared springs, from the springs 9 muses were
born also referred as water nymphs also considered as healers or nurses of nature, they
were brought forth for all things good, casting inspiration to all that asks for guidance.
Now back to you, whether you believe in magic or not where does your inspiration come
from, who are you really taking to when you look to the skies and ask the question, show me
a sign or a message, in fact you are asking to be guided by a force that you cannot see.
Question of the day do we really summon our own thoughts of creativity or is it something
mystical, in the word of magic I believe you cannot summon a muse but simply call upon
them when in need of inspiration and wisdom.
Correspondence to the muses.
Calliope- poetry
Clio- history
Erato- writing
Melpomene- tragedy
Polymnia- scared poetry
Terpsichore- dancing
Thalia- comedy
Urania- astronomy