Throughout the dawn of time, legends of pandoras box have circulated in all parts of the
world, but what exactly is pandoras box? Were the seven deadly sins really released from
the box or is it just myths, why do we have so much suffering in the world? And why has
only one sin remained in the box, why do we long for hope.
Back story-
In ancient Greece stories are told of the God Zeus, who would not give fire to mankind,
because he believed they did not deserve the flame for warmth or food, Prometheus did not
agree with Zeus, but believed mankind did deserve the flame, and so he took it upon himself
to steal the flame and gift humankind with it.
The God, Zeus was so outraged with anger, devised a plan to get back at Prometheus and
He set to work making a beautiful woman from clay and then named her pandora meaning
all gifted, she would be the first woman on earth, one by one the Gods and Goddesses
gifted pandora with talents of curiosity, arts and music, intelligence and so forth, Zeus then
decided to gift pandora to Prometheus brother Epimetheus , Prometheus knew this was a
ploy from Zeus because he had stolen the flame, he knew something terrible would happen
if his brother accepted the gift of pandora, Prometheus begged his brother not to accept the
gift, but Epimetheus was so smitten with pandoras beauty he excepted his gift from Zeus.
Meanwhile Zeus gifted pandora with a jar (known today as a box) and told her to keep it
safe and what ever on any circumstances, she must never open the box, knowing full well
pandora was gifted with curiosity.
Zeus's plan to seek revenge was well in motion, sweet pandora was unaware what was in
the box, Zeus had in fact placed seven sins into the box and new sooner or later pandoras
curiosity, would get the best of her, and he was right, pandora lifted the lid and saw horrors
fly from the box, terrified of what she had seen and done she quickly closed the lid, but not
before leaving only one sin in the box, this was hope.
So why was the box created? Was it to show our downfall of human nature, is this why we
have hardship and sorrow in our lives, could the box have been created to show a higher
power and that we must show authority through obedience?
Is this what Zeus wanted by creating the box and was pandora only created as a punishment
to mankind, through curiosity the sins were unleased upon the world.
In today's era we use the word hope as a positive word so why was hope placed with the
other deadly sins, if you believe it or not, hope resides within us, as we are always hoping
for a better tomorrow, is hope a gift or curse.

Now your probably thinking you have heard this story before, and yes its through
Christianity, the same story goes with Adam and Eve, but the thing is Zeus created pandora
to punish humanity, god created eve as Adam was lonely and both are the first woman on
earth, both stories are similar unleashing sin upon the world, as we see in many ancient
cultures and myths it is in fact a woman taking the blame for human suffering.
From the day of dawn misreading's of ancient scripts have been surrounding public
attitudes towards gender roles across the world.
If theses so called sins had not been released, would we still see and view the world, the
way we do?
Is our curse really hope because we are always hoping for more, throughout ignorance and
One thing is for sure though, we will never lose hope as it resides in all of us, I think the
lesson to learn from these myths are its ok to have curiosity, but sometimes curiosity can
cause danger to things we don't quite understand, we must learn to think before using our actions.