I am drawn to the sea lost but found,
Memorised by the tides, the waves crashing down,
And like the sea my mood so blue
But calming effects emerge from you.
Poem by nicole pearson

The sea so beautiful and majestic, but so fierce and destructive, listening to the waves, lures
us into a meditative state, relaxing and soothing the brain, but did you no the moon plays an
important role, let me explain without the moon we would not have tides or waves but on
the spiritual level the moon and the sea hold more meaning, and that is because the moon
charges every ounce of the sea which would mean eternal power, as the tides and waves are
always creating energy, even the sand creates an electrical charge.
A witch will call them self many things and one name given is a sea witch, they create their
rituals along the shores, harnessing the power of the sea creatures and call upon the water
spirits for guidance, some sea witches will even use mermaids, nereids, leviathan and even
the kraken to assist in their magical workings.
Legends are told sailors would use the Krakens energy for luck, when a kraken was near, fish
would come to the surface, which would mean a better catch for the sailors.
A sea witch will find little treasures along the shores and incorporate them into their spell
As simple as a shell could hold so much power, each have their own meaning and uses for
example a spiral shell will symbolize the cycle of life an Oyster would be the shell of love, we
all know they are associated with being an aphrodisiac, so there for in magic they would be
used for love spells and so forth.
I no some may say its just a shell but remember if you just stop and take the time to look
and feel the energy of the shells you too may find a deeper meaning.
In sea magic driftwood is also used for removing obstacles, as well as the sand, it is said by
carrying a jar of sand while at sea it will keep you connected to the land, so you don't lose
your way.
Another example of sea magic is birds, seagulls are called upon to see into the future, as well
as sharks to keep enemies away and to promote strength when needed, the Kraken would
be used for defensive magic.

The thing is with sea magic something as innocent as water, birds or shells can be turned
into something magical wonderful, many cultures use water for cleansing and healing, the
sea witch is no different, sea water (salt water) is a very powerful conduit, salt is the purest
form of mineral, mix that with the water of the moon energies and anything could be
Water is a reminder that there is a never-ending flow, the tides may get rough at times but if
the sea can calm itself, so can you, just remember you will never have the same day twice,
just as the sea, we all have salt in our veins similar to sea water.
We were born of water; we will leave this earth by water.
I'll leave you with one more thought.
When your next at the beach try the seaweed weather predictor, gather a handful of
seaweed, and take home with you, dry the seaweed out and then hang outside with a nail, if
the seaweed stays dry it will be a nice day, if the seaweed becomes soggy, rain is on its way.