Fate - Destiny
Fate cannot be changed, but our actions change our destiny,
Do not die of despair.
Fate and destiny are often used interchangeably meaning most people see them being the same side of one coin, but in my eyes, they do have different meanings as in you write your destiny, but you accept your fate.
The fates are in numerous cultures all foretelling the same story, the most commonly known is Greek mythology with three sisters spinning the wheel of one's fate, they were known as Clotho the spinner of human life, Lachesis (the allotter) who measured the thread and Atropos who cut the thread of human life.
So what is fate and what is destiny, well fate is not something that can be controlled it's an outside force that has already been written, you are born within this world (not by choice) a particular home, you grew up in, your eye colour, hair, facial features our beliefs and region have already been destined, this is something we cannot control we have already been pre designed, even down to how we see the world and how we act has been programmed into our DNA, but with our life choices and our own freewill, will help shape your destiny.
The name fate is from the Latin language meaning (has been spoken.)
Each person's destiny is their own to make, destiny means (that has been firmly established), with destiny we have a choice, qualities such as will power and compassion will help to change your destiny, when we take responsibility, we are shaping our lives, instead of leaving it up to fate, by not taking control and letting people dictate your life,
our destiny is what happens in the future how we lead our lives and aspirations on achieving them, this leads to free will by shaping your destiny by the choices you make, after all their has to be a natural order and balance.
Moral of the story don't leave it up to fate, shape and Mold your life on how you want it to be, don't sit on ideas, move forward in your decisions to create your destiny, nothing is ever set in stone, you control your life the fates do not!