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Exploring the Myth of the Amarok: The Legendary Wolf of the Arctic

The legend of the Amarok explores the duality of darkness and light, The Legendary Wolf of the Arctic  more  

The Kumiho, Huli Jing, and Kitsune folktale myths and legends/ The cunning fox

The fox spirits exhibit a dual nature, embodying both positive and negative traits, It seems these stories reflect universal themes of human nature and the timeless struggle betwee...  more  

What is the Jersey Devil and how did it come to be

on a stormy night Mrs Leeds gave birth, is her child really the devils son, story‚Äôs surrounding the myth, and legend of the Jersey devil  more  

protecting yourself from ones negativity, energy vampires spiritual meaning

energy vampires, what exactly are they? how do they have an impact on our lives.  more  

Could they just be a normal human, a hero in a story betrayed as a giant

Gigantes were created from Gaia, Daidarabotchi known as a gigantic Yokai, Norse mythology Giants, Irish legend Giant Finn Mc cool   more  

Fate and destiny are often used interchangeably

Each person's destiny is their own to make, we are shaping our lives, instead of leaving it up to fate  more  

muses - Question of the day do we really summon our own thoughts of creativity or is it something mystical

What if I was to tell you it could in fact be a muse whispering in your ears, where does your inspiration come from  more  

Dragons vs Dinosaur magic believing in spirit animals

many cultures believe in dragon magic surly there is such a thing of dinosaur magic?  more  

pandoras box why was the box created

Were the seven deadly sins really released from pandoras box or is it just myths, Is our curse really hope because we are always hoping for more.  more  

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